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These are pictures done by others and I hope they keep up the great work these things rock.


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Story Start
Two Small Parts from an Ideal part in A story
          The Matriarch's stone cold body laid mangled at the root of the tree. A young man stood in front of it, his facial expression hidden in the shadows of grief and anger. Another younger boy walked up and put his hand on the others back. The older one turned, his dark hair moving from his eyes and stared at the trail of destruction the other boy pointed out. His seething anger subsided and finally relaxed, "let's go" was all he said as he began following the path. The younger boy nodded, but didn't follow right away. He stood watching the other's back moving away, then turned and looked at the mangled body, a sinister grin growing on his face. "Tch, how fragile" he began an evil chuckle, as if mocking the fragile life he had easily crushed. Then he turned around "hurry up!" just as quickly as his dark intent came it was gone again and the feigned innocently face was back as the younger boy ran down the path to the older boy..."

That's the first small part (yeah this isn't very well written, you know with the whole "mocking the fragile life he had easily crushed" way to reveal the secret like that xD )

Oh the older boy or one with the dark hair, I didn't have his name then because this literally came to me in a sudden burst, but that's Lost the character I showed you before.

2nd Part (as in I wrote this second, although I guess it could go second too since both scenes are in the same place, a jungle with an oasis which I presume would be like the water source for the tribe -- but you don't have to have it this way)

Lost fell once more, his knees painted the ground on which they landed with blood. Taking in another forced breath he pushed himself up into a sitting position. He sat like that for only a moment taking in a few more ragged breaths before he attempted to stand. His legs trembled and he thought it was getting darker before he fell once more. Barely fighting to stay conscious he clutched a nearby branch for support and tried to stand again, This time with more success. A snapping of branches came from behind him, he whipped around and saw the shadowy figure crash through the trees speeding toward him, With a racking cough he cursed under his breath and began stumbling forward. His foot caught on vines and roots as it dragged behind him. He kept going as the sound came closer and closer. Suddenly he felt an impact on his back, he turned his body around to see what had hit him, landing on his back he stared up into eyes gone mad. "So you thought this would make things right? I know what your sin is, you can never escape I!" The shadow screamed as it dove onto Lost, its cold fingers wrapped around Lost's neck. "What are you..." Lost hacked as his windpipe was crushed slowly "..talking.." he took a desperate gasp before finishing "..about?" The crazed eyes seemed to pierce Lost's very being. "Don't mess around with me!" a familiar voice cracked as a small ray of light shone from between the trees lighting up the shadows real face. Lost momentarily forgot the hands around his neck as he gaped at his younger friend. Losing himself as well, (I have no name for this character so I will put **** in place of his name) left an opening. Without hesitation Lost took a breath and plunged his fist into ***
s gut. "Gah!" ***spat as his hands lost their grip on Lost's neck and he fell back in a racking cough "You!" he began "I'll kill you!" he screamed lunging forward at Lost who had say up and was scrabbling backwards. Lost backed out of ***'s first lung. As **** landed on his hands he glared up at Lost "Why won't you just accept your punishment and repent!" **** screamed, tears that found their way on ****'s cheeks stunned Lost as they left streaks through dirt and blood that clung to him through his fights. "...You!" *** screamed through his teeth, tears clouding his angry eyes. "****" Lost whispered completely dumbfounded by the ......(I ended here on this)

So Lost is the one from earlier and I'm not sure why him and his friend would fight, this seriously was just a burst of ooh I want to write this, and seeing it here I was like this could be a possible story xD But yeah this could be a small part in the middle after some stuff goes on but nothing HUGE happens (like this could just be part of the bigger picture) and yeah I'm not sure why they'd fight maybe **** saw Lost talking to a soldier from the bigger nation and assumed Lost was betraying them after they got attacked by the bigger nation and he lost someone in his family or a girl he like I don't know xD
Story Starting Point (unimportant atm )
First Off the character Lost
Name: Lost (no other names yet as the story develops titles and last name or what not can be added if needed)
Age: Around 18
Eye Color: gray/silver (although on that one thing I did I colored them green, so which ever you like best, or you can use as part of something in the story)
Likes: meat, wheat ( I wrote rice too but that makes no sense given they live in a plains/savannah like area with some mountainous terrain and by the looks of this short part some small jungles)
Dislikes: Beans, wine/alcohol (ahh my mind was so random when I did this xD)
Description - Loyal to his family and friends, friendly but can sometimes get annoying. Tries to act cool. (and looking at this part he can get very serious) Bangs are long, back of hair short and usually messy.

The other stuff I had written was about the weapons the larger civilization uses as follows:
Standard Weapon
-all soldiers have one they vary in types (electric, wind, fire ect.)
-they manipulate elements around them to transform into their type (as above)
-Powered by pain which is harvested by toturing animals usually and put into colored gems which determine the type (no wonder no one in the small islands like these people, look at their weapons O.o which I bet they also torture other humans *wink wink* you know since huans show more emotion it might be more effective 1 human can produce the same power as say 5 animals I don't know it's what I think may make the story move and what not. I mean it's a good reason for them to be seen as the antagonist, right? If they kidnapped islanders from the smaller nations and used them to fuel their own place)
-Higher rank soldiers get better weapons (evolved weapons so to say)

As far as the rest of the info I will draw the 'world out and give you details as I find them xD or ideas
Lost Character Line Art by wolfsmoon22
Lost Character Line Art
It's taking a lot longer than I thought to color this in so, since we're working on a manga based work here then this should give the first basic idea of the character. (except he has black hair so... xD )
But here's the rough idea I had since it's kind of an island thing and plain rocky area sort of. But I wasn't too sure on the clothing idea and I haven't even added any beads or special stuff like that. I mean this is REALLY plain so ~.~ huuu character's are hard to come up with

for everyone and anyone that sees this it is for something I'm working on with :iconkibawolf06:  so you might see more random stuff later xD
Character Blinking
I drew this on paint with a mouse and decided I wanted to practice some simple simple animation so I wasn't sure if it'd be a great submition and just put it in scraps.
Allen's Babysitting Job by wolfsmoon22
Allen's Babysitting Job
I'm not sure why I drew this it just came to me like, oh I want to draw this! And So I did. This was more practice rather than anything else though
Allen Walker - Hoshino Katsura
Ed and Winry's children -- FMA


United States
I love all animals, except baboons, they scare me O.o I have a dog named Daisy.And I love to draw and create all sorts of cool things.
FMA rulez
Link is Awsome
Oz,Gil,and Alice make a nice funny trio

Current Residence: happy land =D
Favourite genre of music: country/rock'n'roll
Favourite style of art: mostly realistic or anime
Favourite cartoon character: Tom (Tom & Jerry) {or japanese cartoon character>Ed,Envy,Greeling,Miles, Envy, Ciel, Yuko, Daisya, Lavi, Allen, Kanda, Hisagi, Hitsugya, Rin, Kyo, Vash, Do
Personal Quote: "Life's a *****," 'pain' " so if it's easy you're doing it wrong" >opening part for Ao no Exorcist.
    Okay so since I've been so busy lately, a lot has happend and is going to happen, but this isn't really the place to talk about that.  Anyways, concerning DA and my art itself, I think I'm taking everything up to now and putting it in one folder. I don't want to get rid of it (mainly because even if you delete it I find it'll still show on the side spot) but because I want to see my improvments. As well as I feel like I've been taking this as a place to post random little things and what not, but nothing really serious so I want to try only posting pieces that are worth it. No more random sketches, half finished pieces, bad quality pictures, WIPS will go into the scraps most likely, no (and this I do most of all) more post of the too light or dark scnas/pictures of drawings I do on paper.
    I'm mostly trying to do this because I want to improve, even if art isn't going to be a job outlet or have anything to do with my job really, I want to be able to still make beautiful art that really conveys the feelings I want to get across. I guess mainly because I draw and paint; and any art I do is from what I feel at the moment, I can't make a good piece of work If I can't put my real feelings in it. AS well as if it doesn't have to rich value that really gets the emotions and mood across to the viewer.
    I know this means less (like I ever post anything anyways), but at least you guys can start to see what I can really do.

    In regards to the Smile WIP that I recently posted, I will finish that because I already showed how far I am in it, but it will be the last of that sort of art. I also will try to work more with the digital tools as that seems to yield better results :)

Thank you to the few of you that watch me and comment or favorite my work. I hope these changes will please you.


Snowy Nights by Sapphirianna

Where to start? I love how you used the greenish blue like color in the hair, It makes it look much more appealing to the eye. The skin...

For WM22 by bunnylove2

Wll it is defiantly an improvement from your before stuff. This art peice is a little unorganized, you might wanna think about placing ...

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